Nofollow Links - The Good side and the bad side

image Blog commenting is one of the best way of getting backlinks to our sites/blog. And if you frequently gather backlink by that way (blog commenting) you must be familiar with Dofollow or nofollow links attribute. You may be wonder why the webmasters (Matt Cutts and Jason Shellen) design nofollow attributes, because all we know is nofollow link attributes doesn't give our page any reputation (such as PR calculation). But recently i found why nofollow link attributes is so damn important for both web owner or the webmasters who want to gather backlinks from it.

::. Good side

  1. It prevents comment spamming.
    Remember that most of people who want to gather link juice, always do it by leaving poor quality comment(s) to blog which use dofollow attributes, they think it is wasting time to leave a comment on nofollow blog. So, nofollow blog have smaller chance to receive comment spam.
  2. You don't want to pass reputation on to a website.
    For example you write a post about how people doing spam comment, and you provide link that point to website which offer automatic comment service. Anyhow you don't want to give any reputation to that kind of website, so you can use nofollow attributes to that link.
  3. To be Trusted by Major Search Engine
    If you pretty smart on putting nofollow attributes to particular link on your blog/website you will be trusted by major search engine. For example you put nofollow tags to website which is not trusted by major search engines, major search engine will consider your blog as a trusted sites. Besides by activate nofollow attributes on particular area on your blog you can avoid comment spamming, and it is good for your web content since search engine doesn't like blog with many comment spam.

::. Bad Side

  1. Less chance to get comment by other blogger
    Since most people will only comment on dofollow blog to get some reputation credit to their page, your nofollow blog will be forgotten by them. And it will slightly affect your total number of comments.
  2. It is more harder to get any link juice to your websites/blog
    Let say you want to gather backlink with blog commenting technique, if you really want to gather reputation credit to your websites, you have to leave it on dofollow blog, thus your task become more harder, besides making high quality comment to be approved by the blog owner, you have to search the real dofollow blog with the same topic with yours.

::. Some suggestions

  1. Be smart on placing nofollow attributes to particular links/area
    Don't activate nofollow attributes to the whole area of your websites. Try to focus on comment section or particular links which pointing to the website you don't want to give any reputation credits. Also, you can activate dofollow attribute once the comment section of you blog get more crowded or begin to make some discussion between you and the commenter.
  2. When leave comment don't bother about nofollow or dofollow attributes
    Yea, why i suggest you to not bother about nofollow or dofollow attributes when we leave comment on other blog? Because our backlinks will looked more natural, contains dofollow links and nofollow links as well.


asit kumar said...

This is my first comment but I feel like I should have been making loads of comments now because I always like your stuff. Maybe comments are for more hit and miss blogs than your own. When you maintain a consistent level of high quality output I reckon people are less inclined to comment because they have come to expect it from you. Just a theory.

Never really occurred to me to leave a comment on the designboom weblog.. i mean sure, i read you guys everyday, but the posts i find interesting i fave or bookmark or share the url to others, rather than clicking the comment link.

It's good to know your stand towards this comment thing going on. I've visited some design sites before that I find have repetitive comments from visitors, might be one of those you were pertaining to.

I find I respect designboom more for the lack of comment obsession :)


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Webmasters said...

Great Suggestions!
Spam is something which can not be controlled by dofollow or nofollow. Basically main reason for implementing dofollow was to lower the amount of spam but nofollow failed drastically.

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Herborium HBRM Stock Pick said...

Perfectly said!!!. Its so well written in the last sentence about dofollow and nofollow. Its better not to look for no follow or dofollow links when commenting.

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