Why Things Are Looking Up for Investment Bankers in 2014

The U.S. is actually making a financial comeback, which is good news for investment bankers. Housing prices and investment are on the rise and, thanks to a recovery in home values and stock prices, the total net worth of the average household is currently standing far above its 2007 peak. Americans are 9.8 trillion dollars richer than they were in 2013 (although this may have a lot to do with the amount of stocks held by wealthier individuals, which has been causing this boom). Mergers and acquisitions activity fueled by cheap debt has helped create more activity in the markets.

Natural gas and oil production is also up in the U.S., which means that the country now has much more coal to export. In fact, coal exports in 2014 are more than double what they were in 2009. The investment bankers who benefit the most in 2014 are those who are working the primary capital markets.

Equity Capital Markets

Equity capital markets are a good place for investment bankers to be at this stage, especially when looking at recent developments. Credit Suisse recently disclosed that it saw an increase in its ECM with a whopping 30 percent in the second quarter though Bob Murley of Credit Suisse Group has said that “As much as I hate to admit this, I don't think the investment banking community is as prominent and as large as it was years ago”. Over the same period, there was a 50 percent increase for Morgan Stanley and 44 percent increase at Bank of America. Even Morgan Stanley experienced an increase of about 50 percent during the same period. Unfortunately, there are a few exceptions to this rule, as demonstrated by JP Morgan's 4 percent drop in revenue and Citigroup's revenue drop of about 31 percent.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions might not have experienced the same revenue increases as equity capital markets, but there is some hope on the horizon. According to Goldman Sachs, there’s a very healthy pipeline of future mergers and acquisitions. Ruth Porat, CFO of Morgan Stanley, commented on the 25 percent increase in mergers and acquisitions revenues it experienced in the second quarter, stating that the bank has a healthy backlog.

Emerging Market CDS Traders

According to Credit Suisse, revenues related to emerging markets have seen a dramatic rise in July of 2014. In the first quarter of 2014, investor worries about events taking place in Russia has caused emerging market CDS trading to rise as high as 93 percent. All indicators point toward the fact that the second quarter might see even more dramatic increases.

Securitization and Mortgage Trading

The second half of 2014 is looking positive for banks with established mortgage trading business as well. Both Credit Suisse and Bank of America saw increases in mortgage trading revenues, with the former even setting their sights on the European asset financing business. Readmore,..

Transportation Management Solutions

Running an enterprise, whether it is a small enterprise or big enterprise, is never easy. There are so many things need to be taken into account in order to ensure that an enterprise runs smoothly. One must take care of the accounting system so that the financial records of the enterprise can be balanced. One must take care of the human resources management so that the labors and employees inside the enterprise can always give the best for the workplace. One must take care of customers to make sure that the enterprise will never lose any marketplace. Those are just a few examples that need to be taken into account in running an enterprise. That’s why, there is a big, comprehensive solution called ERP.  ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is a comprehensive and large solution to automate any corporate or organization’s task such as financial planning, customer relationships, supplies/ stock report until providing transportation management solutions. By using ERP system, a big corporate or enterprise will less likely be overwhelmed in planning anything about resources. In some companies, they are often overwhelmed to take care of the transportation management system.

For example, an international exporter company must plan very thoroughly about the shipping process. On a daily basis, they must calculate how many products need to be shipped and of course this process of calculating is not as easy as cake. They need to think about the process of creating the products, they need to purchase the materials to build the products and finally they need to find the best time to ship the products to meet deadline. This problem can be solved by using transportation management solutions. The company can use the freight management software to manage any calculation and preparation related to the freight. For a medical company that needs to deliver hazardous chemical products, they need to choose hazmat shipping software solution to ensure the safety while shipping.

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Some benefits of cash advance

Cash advance is a popular short term debt. Cash advance becomes so popular these days because the process of claiming the cash is very quick and usually it doesn’t require too much files or data about the borrowers in order to claim the debt or the cash. That’s why, cash advance or some people may call it payday loan is very popular these days. But, sometimes people ask about the benefits of cash advance; sometimes they think why some people should take payday loan. Well, in some cases you may want to take payday loan. For instance, when you are very short on cash and in the other you are required to pay your monthly credit debt, in order to keep your good credit score, you must pay the debt as soon as possible but how can you do that when you are short on cash? In this scenario, cash advance may come in handy.

Not only in the scenario of protecting your credit score, you may want to borrow cash advance when you are unfortunately suffering from accident or illness that require you to pay huge amount of money that must be paid in lump sum immediately. Some hospitals may require you to pay the deposit up front before you can be treated in the hospital. In this situation you can borrow cash advance and your problem can be solved immediately.  

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Carpet 101 – the history of carpet

Have you ever thought about the history of carpet? Carpet is a very popular textile since the 18th century especially in the United States and some European countries. Because carpet is highly known, most people just take carpet as an ordinary thing, whereas carpet has a very long history. This article will try to explain you a little bit about carpet so you will have good knowledge about carpet and hopefully this one can help you in choosing the right carpet at carpet store.

First important question is: what does the term carpet derive? Interestingly, the word carpet is from old Italian word “carpita”. Carpita is like the noun for carpire which has meaning as to pluck. From this fact, it is obviously clear that carpet is originated from Europe. Before the 18th century, carpet was not commonly used on the floor, instead at that time carpet was popularly used to cover walls or tables. Carpet became widely known since the opening of trade routes between Western Europe and Persia. The huge popularity of carpet at that moment has inspired the stories of magic carpet in Middle East.

The carpet was then also becoming popular in North America as it has function to keep the floor dry and comfortable for feet. That’s why most upscale hotel in America used carpet at that time to keep the cleanliness of the floor. At that time, carpet also became the symbol of luxury. Now, although carpet is not used as a symbol of luxury anymore, carpet is still popularly used in many houses and apartments. The benefits of using carpet over ordinary floor or hardwood floor is the easiness to clean and renew old carpet. The same task will be very difficult and tedious for hardwood floor. That’s why if you are the type of busy person as many people are, carpet is the best choice for your living.